Use YouTube Vids in a PowerPoint Slide

In the PowerPoint 4BusyPeople, course, we cover how to shape slides using text, pictures, and video.

Sometimes, you'll want to grab that vid from YouTube. Do do so, you'll probably want to start with a blank or title only slide, and then:

  1. From the Insert tab of the ribbon, choose the Media drop-down on the right-hand side, then choose Online Video.
  2. In the dialog box, paste the URL of the YouTube video you'd like use, and click Insert.
  3. You can resize and move the video just like any other graphic.

Here, I'm demonstrating with the greatest video that exists on the face of the earth, Dramatic Chipmunk.

During slideshow playback, the slide loads with that video thumbnail (YouTube determines the thumbnail, BTW), but you still need to click to play button during your presentation to start it playing.

In other words, just clicking through your presentation like it was a bullet point will do the trick.

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