Visio Connectors Part 4 – Create multiple labels for one connector

In this fourth part of the Visio Connectors series, we explore the ability to add multiple labels to a single connector.

As you are likely aware by now (especially if you've watched part one and part two of the series) Visio makes it very easy to add connectors and then add text labels to those connectors. Why label a connector? Because connector labels are a great way to clarify what happens between one step in a process diagram and the next.

The most classic example is a decision diamond, where one of the connectors branching out from the diamond is the yes decision tree, and the other is the no. Here's a rudimentary example.

text on a decision tree

But can you create multiple Text Labels?

Connectors added using the Connector tool in the Home tab, or connectors using AutoConnect, only support one label. There are two approaches you can use to work around this limitation, however.

Workaround One: Use multiple text boxes

The quickest and easiest workaround is to not label the connector, but instead use two separate text shapes, which you can then move around the diagram independently, or assign to a layer with an existing connector for even easier management.

Quick and easy. But there's another connector type that's even better.

Workaround Two: Use the UML Stencil

The second, and more powerful workaround for is to use the UML stencil - which is available if you have a copy of Visio Professional. You can find the UML class stencil in the Software and Database category. The connectors found here have some additional properties which allow for multiple labels

To access the UML stencils:

  1. Go to the Stencils pane, choose More Shapes, and hover over Software and Database.
  2. Choose either UML Class stencil or any of the database stencil

Locate a stencil where you can use multiple labels for a connector

From there, it's pretty straightforward to use the connectors offered in the UML stencil, and then add the connector labels. For specific guidance, the video shows what and where to click much better than words.


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