Precise Alignment of Text and Objects using PowerPoint’s Smart Grid and Alignment Guides

Getting your slides right is about getting the stuff that's on those slides just right, and getting the stuff just right is a matter of aligning those things with precision.

How to Get Objects on Slides Lined Up

It's actually fairly straightforward once you know where to look. From the View tab of the ribbon, look for the Show grouping, and then use any combination of the three checkboxes there: Ruler, Gridlines, and Guides.

To configure whether or not selected items will snap to the grid when it's visible, open the Grid and Guides dialog box. Here's what to do:

View | Show | Grids and Guides | Snap Objects to Grid.

Finally, remember that you may want to change the slide background in order to make the grids easier to work with during preliminary slide design. To set slide background:

Design |Format Background. Choose a Solid Fill and then use a lighter color using the color picker.


In the course currently in development, we're going into much more detail about great slide design - using color, spacing, chunking, and some of the reasons why PowerPoint is trying to get you to make crappy slides.

Until that time, you're left with the option to check out the video overview below. And please take special note that I'm wearing green because it's spring. And it's St. Patricks Day. Enjoy!

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