Easy OneNote navigation with a Table of Contents

Notetaking? Pretty easy with OneNote at your side (or on your MacBook Pro).

Finding those notes a few weeks or months later? Not quite as easy... although you can save yourself a lot of time searching and organizing after the fact by simply leveraging a Table of Contents in your notes.

This is especially powerful because sometimes you take a note, but can't remember a good search for that note. How can you search for something when you don't recall what you're searching for. This is where the TOC can really help.

How to Create Links to Pages or Individual Notes

Fortunately, it's really easy to make a Table of Contents in OneNote.

Using any version of OneNote, it will all start with a new note container and a right click. Here are the exact steps:


  1. Right-click the notebook name that the link should point to.

  2. On the shortcut menu, click Copy Link to Notebook.

    The link to the selected notebook and the title of the notebook are copied to the Clipboard.

  3. Click the location on the page that is to contain the link. For best results, I recommend using a separate container close to the page title.

  4. Now, just Paste the copied link.

    OneNote inserts a link that, when clicked, displays the target notebook

Repeat the process for any other notes/pages/sections as needed and you're all done.

You can use this to reduce the cognitive burden of arranging notes in some kind of outline-ish structure so you can remember later on where on the page you created that one reference to... time-saving OneNote tricks.


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