3 iOS Tips and Tricks (for less eye strain and better sleep)

At LAB Learning we love out Office productivity apps. But of course, productivity today means being productive on the go, which means using the iOS versions of apps like Outlook and OneNote.

But while being on our mobile devices all the time can help us make use of little snippets of time throughout the day (by jotting down a note, for example), it can also mean some potential risks to the health of our eyes and our sleep patterns. You can look it up.

So because we'll be using Office on our iPhones and iPads, we submit to you these three hidden iOS tips and tricks to help you go easy on your eyes.

One - Use Grayscale and Dark Mode to go reduce eye strain

Using grayscale can reduce eye strain, but can also have a positive psychological effect as well.

Human brains respond to signal colors, which is why app notifications you receive are usually red.

By going greyscale, you might find yourself feeling less anxious when looking at your home screen. Here's how:

Settings | General | Accessibility | Display Accommodations > Color Filters | Grayscale

If grayscale isn't your thing (it's a terrible outcome for characters in Game of Thrones), you can switch to an ersatz Dark Mode. Check the video for instructions.

Two - Remove "Rate this app" pop-ups

It's digital nails across the chalkboard. From the minute you start using an app, you get prompted to “Rate this app!”

So disable it.

Settings | Apple ID/iTunes App Store Account | iTunes & App Store | In-App Ratings & Reviews

If you really want to give the developer your feedback, you can still do it in the App Store whenever the spirit moves you.

Three - Auto Stop Music or Audiobooks

I like to fall asleep to music or audiobooks. But rolling over just before falling asleep to stop playback defeats the purpose.

Let you iPhone Timer do it for you.

Clock App | Timer | When Timer Ends | Stop Playing

And speaking of shortcuts, I've got this all in video form. Subscribe, share, and favorite for easy reference later on. Enjoy!

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