Next-level notes with these 3 OneNote Power User Tips and Tricks

You might already use OneNote for note-taking of all shapes and sizes: keeping track of to-do items, journaling, or taking meeting minutes.

But OneNote power users take their OneNote notes outside of the confines of the app by integrating cloud storage, browser extensions, or even third-party services.

Take a look at these three power user tips and tricks, and see how they might work into your note-taking workflows. (As you will see, they might even help you make dinner this week.)

Power User Tip Number One - Sync OneNote attachments using OneDrive

Microsoft just introduced a major new features to the  UWP veriosn (the only one they are updating going forward) known as Cloud Attachments.

This new new feature makes sure your documents and notes always stay up to date. When you embed files, like an Excel spreadsheet into a OneNote notebook, it will display a live preview of the Office document, along with a link so you can open the cloud version.

But it's not enabled by default. Check the vid below for the exact clicksteps.

Power User Tip Number Two - Use the OneNote web clipper

Most people today do most of their research - or at least their meal planning u- by first browsing the web.

But blog and news sites can be unwieldy to save to phones or other mobile devices. The pages are just to chock-a-block with ads and other crap.

So use Microsoft's web clipper. Problem solved.

Power User Tip Number Three - Use If This Then That

Wanna truly take your notetaking to the next level? Wanna automatically send your iPhone screenshots to OneNote? What about sending your iPhone to-do's to OneNote.

These and a hundred other possibilities can be yours... if you set up a magic service called IFTTT. If you're not familiar, get familiar.

I've got a complete walkthrough of these features in glorious 1080 detail. Just click below to check it out.

For hundreds of other OneNote productivity tips and tricks, we invite you to check out the planet's #1 course on OneNote.

Until next week, happy note-making!